What You Think is Possible…. Is Possible but…

Our minds are supercomputers. They process thousands of ideas and thoughts daily. There are pitfalls in business that we must consider at times that will make or break our business. Here are a few.

  1. We think someone who has hit it in business will be the big break. The truth is “No one can do your pushups for you” Jim Rohn.

2. Our early programming has stopped us. We have a thought that has carried with us our whole life and we do not realize it is keeping us stuck.

I always thought if I just meet that famous person, it will make it all come together. Riding on the coat tails of other successful people and name dropping may make you seem important but it waters down your message.

Owning who you are, what you do and why you do it without the desire for fame and fortune is key.

We have to do our own work, our own networking and keep up with all of our tasks and business dealings to become a company worthy of higher praise.

When we were young, we were told no so many thousands of times that it is etched into our brains. That money is evil and so are those who have it. That we cannot and that it is impossible. We have never taken the time to peel back the perceptions we were sold and take time to challenge and change them. Your relationship with money has to change if your going to have it. Your attitudes about accomplishing things has to change too. You have to believe your worthy of good things, and keep your attitude in the right frame. You will have hits and misses along the way. Expect them to happen and recognize them when they show up but do not stay there.

Our subconscious mind is the supercomputer. What you put in is 85 % of what comes out. Learn to meditate. I did about a year or so ago and over time, ideas would come to me right before I woke up. Some of which I have acted upon or created new goals from. That is how I built two additional codes into the book Warriors Code 001 that many do not know about yet. A second powerful tool is to write affirmations and write down your goals. They become ingrained in the subconscious.

Lastly, there is one myth I want to expose you see regularly. I cannot remember what month it was in Inc. magazine I read it but it said only 8% of people achieve goals and 92% do not. Writing them down is only the first step. You have to take action. Many procrastinate their goals away and do not stay focused long enough to achieve them. Follow through and you will become an 8 percenter!


Stay in the Fight,

The Mindset Vet, Mark Green