What does it Feel Like?

What does it feel like when you accept who you are and what you have stepped into. No mask, no mirrors, no BS. When I first decided on being identified as “The Mindset Vet”, I was at a point in my business and personal life that required me to make changes to who I am and what I stand for. “I pivoted from being worried more about my own environment and began focusing on being of service to others”. First, I let go of a great deal of ego and learned to accept the title because I realize that true change had really happened and I come from a place of true self and not someone who slaps a label on something that has no substance. Then I dove deep into meditation, I build healthy limits around my life and I learned something every day about how to change and build a muscle of mindset. My co-author even invited me to a healer and I went and it was a pretty incredible experience. Ten years ago, that would have never happened. Today, I am more willing to learn that I do not have all the answers and I constantly stay in a state of gathering information to build the mindset muscles. Practicing and expanding my horizons by reaching out to others in the Mindset community has taught me there is so much more to learn but I am ready to share my experience, education and stories to teach others they have so much more in them if they would just release some of the ego. I also learned about the Leadership Council and Association of Transitional Leaders. Something I had heard about before but now got reminded of again from networking and talking to the once producer of Good Morning America. Tom shared that he had been invited this year in June to the event. I shared an idea with him to reach Veterans across the country and asked for his help in the process and he seemed interested. “The power of change comes from a community, not just a person”. My clarity has come from honing my why, networking, discussion, interaction, reading, meditation and being a podcast host of Veteran Connections as well as being fully immersed in my vision of reaching 500,000 veterans in building resilience in transitions. The new episodes as the new host will be airing very soon. Ideas come to me usually early in the mornings around 4-5 a.m. and are powerful and basically lead me to the next actions I take. I believe that is due to the law of attraction and the people who are entering into collaboration with me are aligned. If your a Veteran business and would like to be on the show, contact us through the link on be a guest. We invite you to be interviewed about your business and success. What this feels like to me is I have found my kryptonite and purpose. I have finally embodied the habits, the actions and behaviors that have through self help and pure drive and ambition landed me into something so much bigger than me that I realize I totally cannot do this myself. Since that decision to “own it”, I now have put a team in place to build out my social media, my webinars and my offers so as an entrepreneur and business owner, not only do I get to help others, I get to take care of my family in the process. In December, I became an International Best Seller in the book “I am Still Here” which opens even more doors. I shared my own words untouched to connect with others to give them hope along with 13 other authors. Learning to share on social media and as well partnering with the right people has given me the blueprint. I have to tell you, that is the best feeling in the world! To know I have that support and others behind me in my quest. Others see that I am not afraid to be authentic and also know me from my interaction with me and are coming to me now for answers. Having the words that are Internationally trademarked under my company “Consulting services for transitioning from the military to civilian life™”. gives me latitude in the products and curriculum I create and also allows me to bring others from the outside in to help others in building their financial, mind and body resilience. So, what does it feel like? Call me and connect and I will tell you and show you how to find that feeling for yourself. It is the greatest feeling in the world! The Mindset Vet LTC Mark Green (Retired)