Stuck in a World of Competitors Again!

Ever feel crowded out in the noise? Everyone wanting the same thing. Read my book, watch my podcast, join my world. It is a competition for our money, our time and our focus. Due to the information highway, it is 1000 times worse. The speed at which information can be shared and what is allowed is mind-boggling. Here is my question? How does the small business owner get noticed in a world crammed full of competition? How do they get known and not allow the feeling that they are just another mediocre attempt to be known, liked and trusted to grow. The answer is mindset! First think about why you are doing what you do. If you do not have a big why and it is just money, you might as well quit while your ahead. We already know the statistics of how many small businesses fail. They will fail because they are built on a house of cards, teetering already because their why is not solid. Belief is a powerful thing. Much like faith, at times you have to go in blind and hope for the best. Then you get that one call that shuts down the belief that it is not possible. Believing first keeps the ship on the right path. Putting positive thoughts and seeing yourself already there is part of visioning. Too many times, I watch others self-destruct in a short amount of time because it is not working. Caught up in the short term problems and not overcoming them because their belief system is not strong, to begin with. We would not have light at night in our homes today if Thomas Edison would have given up the first time he did not create the current it takes to get a light bulb to glow. I think of all the times when growing as an entrepreneur that I decided to give up on something. There were times when I had choose the wrong path. The company I joined was not strong or ended up closing. Then there were the times of lack of resource. I could go on on how many failures but that is not necessary. It only proves that real entrepreneurs keep going until they find that one path that is truly the right one. Lastly, the most important thing is bringing your A game. If your actions, thoughts, and behaviors do not embody what your sharing, you will surely be chalking up another failure real soon. Start every day with the right beliefs and write out your goals. Vision map them to success and visualize yourself achieving them and then attach the feeling that gives you when you do. That is the belief I am talking about. Stay in the Fight! Mark Green