The Secret to Getting People to Like You.

For our whole lives, we want to be included. Not alienated from our friends, our family or people we meet. We want everyone to like us, give us a big warm hug or a firm handshake and feel like we are accepted. We look externally for acceptance everywhere we go. We share our triumphs and our status in an attempt to show others our badges or “look at me stuff”. The problem with looking to be liked by others is that there is a step prior to that. Ready to know what it is? It is in liking ourselves first. No amount of fake can take away from low self esteem. No amount of “I do not measure up” can overcome a crack in the veneer that is evident in your body language and in your behaviors. So what is the secret to gettting people to like you? You have to start with liking yourself first and only after will the approval you seek become true! So the work in front of us all is we must work on ourselves. Taking time to reconstruct early wiring that was put in front of us by our parents, our experiences and our early days. We were programmed a certain way and the beliefs were handed down and we adopted what we saw, heard and watched. In order to grow, we have to pull back, assess the programming we were given and use critical thinking skills to challenge what we were taught. We have to change habits we formed, change the way we approach people and events in our lives and really think about what got us to where we are. Look at the pain points and 99 percent of the time, they point back to a point in time in your life that was faulty. If you grew up poor, your parents told you that having money is evil. If you grew up only focusing on faith, you believe that is all that matters. Having a balanced mind, body and spirit might be a good idea. Proper thinking, taking care of our minds by simple techniques to keep stress down like simple meditation, proper sleep, and using both our consious and subconscious minds to create a healthy mindful environment is not only critical to being liked, it is essential. Then take care of your body, have proper hygiene, exercise and get proper health screenings for indicators our bodies may be less than optimal. If your faith is good, you do not worry about what others think. The secret to being liked is LOVE yourself first. Then you become a magnetic personality that others enjoy. It shows in your passion for your work, your free time and in everything you do. There is one pitfall that will bring down even the best. It is our attitudes. It is a rock or a rocket depending on how you act. The other is if you are a gossipy person and ruin others reputations with lies and deceit, karma will always be just around the corner. Negativity is a powerful force of ruin. It enters the room and clears a path of destruction wherever it goes. When you point a finger and someone else, three of them are pointing at you. The universe always has a way of it coming back around. Creating environments where you are being a fake person only to impress is a house of cards. Do not be fake, be real! Be honest with who you are, your flaws, your strengths and be a person that others want to know, like and trust. Want to be liked? It starts with you. 🙂   Stay in the Fight, Mark Green