Momentum does not happen on Day One

If there is one thing I have learned about momentum, it is that it is not accomplished on day one. It takes many days, weeks, months and sometimes years preparing for it to begin. When it does, it appears to others to be magical. Everyone asks how you did it, how then can do it and what were the steps you took. Pushing against all the other’s out there can be a mistake. Just keep in your own bubble and keep going. What I have learned is that there are three key activities that contribute to it. One is action. Taking action every day towards your goals is not just necessary, it is an absolute! Without it nothing happens. Actions build upon themselves. Over time, they create bridges to better things. The important thing I have also learned is that it may take 100 small actions before the momentum of that action takes hold. The second is being grateful. I learned to not just say it but to truly feel it and thank those we are grateful for. Our teachers, mentors, teammates, any anyone else who helps us step up to us being a better person or to be more professional. No everyone can be a polished gem. You need to be who you are but thank those for their input even when it may not seem understandable at the time. I try and remember to thank every person who has done something for me that makes a difference now in my life. Lastly, when momentum from your efforts does begin to pay off, capitalize on it as fast and as big as you can. You took the journey to get there, celebrate it. Somewhere I heard it coined as create, communicate, celebrate. Momentum is a big wave and once the bell curve hits it, it will shoot up fast. Just remember to sustain it as long as you can. Then go back to creating again. Momentum does not disclose to anyone what it took you to achieve it. It just comes in like a big wave. Happy surfing.   Mark Green Stay in the Fight