Knowing your Why

When your building a new company from the ground up, you should have a sound answer to your why. Not just that you want to make money and have a successful business. “The why drives the what you do after. Begin without worrying about the how. The how will come if your why is strong enough.” Go as far as you can and when you get there, you will see that much further. If your why is not strong enough, you will find yourself on the side of failure in fail vs. succeed. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money because if your like most, we all want to have more financial freedom. But do not forget about the other 7 areas you should set goals in. They are financial, education, recreation and fun, health, relationships, personal and contributions. Create the why with all of these in play. As an entrepreneur, ask yourself if your why gives you passion to do what you are doing. Something deep down inside has to make you get up excited about what you do. Without it, you will loose steam and will not be motivated when the going gets tough. Recently, I spent time with a publisher and editors further clarifying my why for “World Why Day”, coming up on the 27th of July. We will be published in Defyeners magazine with our clearly stated, focused why. It is a good feeling once you have it clearly stated and you are clear on your road ahead. Once you have clarity of why your doing something, the how part begins to take shape. Some companies change their visions after starting realizing the why changes. To me, there is nothing wrong with adjustments to tweak your why if necessary. Just be sure you know what it is and pivot to support the new why. One more important point is if your a success business principled company, make sure you are embodying the change you are asking others to make. If you do not, there will be a disconnect between your personal and professional choices. Know your why, set your goals and get off your fourth point of contact!   Stay it the fight, Mark Green