Doing Things Right From Day One

For many, it takes years to right the ship as a legitimate cash making business that becomes one of the survivors. You are going to make mistakes in the beginning on your own. Trying to do it right from the start is a worthwhile thought but sometimes it is because we just do not know something. It is not always intentional that we make mistakes and there will be those times when it is unavoidable once you get deep into a project. Expect it but then go back and right the ship. In an article by Forbes by Eric T. Wagner, contributor for Forbes written on September 12, 2013 he shares that “According to¬†Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn”. That means that the vast majority of all new small businesses we see today will not be here in two years. My take on it is that the top reason for failure is lack of capital, motivation, poor leadership and no strategic plan to sustain the business. Giving up at the first sign of defeat. We can learn our biggest lessons from those who did not give up “three feet from gold”. Did Space X stop when a rocket exploded? They did not and the reason is that their quest and destination is steered by a driven visionary who knows where he is going. Many companies have the desire to do it right, right from the start but that is not always going to happen. The secret is to expect failures, expect delays, expect that Murphy will be in the house more than once. Take time to re-evaluate when things go wrong and figure out how to overcome those speed bumps so you can be one of the two out of ten that survive. I know I am not giving up on my vision of reaching 500,000 veterans in building resiliency in transition. I know that by being of service to them, my why is intact and cannot be halted by bureaucracy or temporary hurdles. Passion leads to meeting powerful men and women who are pathfinders to success and once you find one who is interested in what you do and where your headed, build that relationship strong. You do not need many to succeed. Stay ahead and do not be afraid to shake things up when the become stagnant. Languishing over things that are broken is a waste of time. Instead spend time working on the future of what you want instead of trying to go back and fix the past. Be pleased at every small and big win. Be thankful to everyone who helps you and be grateful to have opportunities that many will never have. At the heart of it all, being a small business owner is the greatest thing one could do. Fight to be one of the 20% that make it. I know I will. Stay it the Fight! Mark Green