Can you be a Badass in Business?

Yes, that picture is a younger picture of me as a young fighter for the U.S. Army’s first-ever Army Team. So the question is… Can you be a badass in business and still be a nice guy? That does not mean that you want to throw down every time someone does not agree with you. But rest assured that there are trolls out there. There are others that want their first and then they will leave you standing with no support or will not follow through and will STILL want theirs. Be careful who you partner with. I have been burned a few times and now I look at them as lessons to learn from. Make sure people are flexible with you and can adjust if needed. Rigidity brings trouble if one is forcing things. If you see it, pivot.

Getting your business to run means you get business muscle by doing. Actions speak louder than words. People will tell you they are doing things and they are not. Just stop worrying about what others think and be your own rock star. Get really good at what you do. The first time I shared my revenue goal with even a good mastermind, the room got quiet. I was challenged by the facilitator. I have been told many times that my plans would not work. People will tell you that you’re out of time. Never worry about what others think. That is the beauty of being an entrepreneur. You get to fail on your own or succeed and then prove your badass-e-ness! For the grammar police, yes, that is not a word but I have just made it a new one.

For a long time, you worry about what others are doing and how they are getting ahead and then the aha light comes on. Guess what, it doesn’t matter! What your doing is what you’re doing. Some will like you some will not. I say so what! There are 410 million people just in this country alone. Do not let one or five or even 100 people suck the energy from your goals.

If you have a message that connects and resonates with others and you build to be known, liked and trusted, you will succeed. Being a badass in business means that you are killing it. You take no prisoners when it comes to learning, growing, networking, taking massive action and continually adjusting as you learn the skills it takes. I handle multiple projects at one time. I’m always told, I have too much gone but then when I finish them, it gets quiet.

I was a fighter in the Army. I enjoyed the competition and I loved the feeling of winning. Taking the traits of a winning athlete and turning them into skills in business is a good way to be a badass in business. Seeing yourself already winning before you step into the ring. I used to vision my arm being raised even before I stepped into the ring. You must do the same in being an entrepreneur. The habits you create to become the badass in your niche will serve you well if you take business as serious as athletes take their sports. Take no prisoners with being on top. Embody what you share.

Five things to leave you with:

1.    Study what you want to become an expert in.

2.    Be persistent in your approach

3.    Have a clear message

4.    Have a big goal

5.    Build massive influence

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Stay in the fight!

Mark Green (The Mindset Vet)