A Movement Begins with a Ripple

To create a movement, you must have a big idea, add in a clear message and find an army of advocates. So where do you start? With yourself. Make sure you have a clear message. One that resonates and is out front and worth your time and effort. Add in scores of hours of networking not just domestically, but even Internationally. Create events that are fun and have a purpose. Our VETFESTLIVE 2018 in Missouri has the purpose of spreading the word about veteran resilience and transitions with the end goal of getting our message out in National Media and to the grass roots of the movement to help educate veterans to make good health and wellness choices. Our event is not about music, 18 holes of golf and good Missouri BBQ. Yes, we are having all of that at http://vetfestlive.com but we are also giving back 5000 copies of our resiliency books to spread a new method of being resilient in the process. As a speaker, author and success principles coach, what I have learned through adversity and challenges that life gives is is that we have a choice what to do with all of that after. Our company does not consider itself a business. It considers itself a movement of change to veteran thinking about the value of human life, the value of finding purpose and joy again an the value of being there for others in the capacity you can. Our simple solution of what we call Warriors CODE 001 which is coming out in our published book in September along with my memoir of Step Out Step Up, Lessons from a Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service as a connection book is about to be distributed where finally it will grow roots in the movement of building hope. We have a team of committed individuals behind us already and it continues to grow. As the founder of My Silver Boots™, a Florida based company ran by a disabled Veteran, I have worn the boots for 34 years. My work of being in service led me to be of service of others after I left the service. Small companies with big ideas are closed every day. This one will not fall to the ground as its why is too important. Any movement begins with one, doubles and keeps growing when the vision is clearly found. Never underestimate the underdog or a guy who does not understand quit. Our five star reviews of our book found on Amazon is clearly sharing the message already. You can learn more about me or contact me on Linked In, Facebook or communicate with me and find our products and to book speaking or a workshop at http://www.mark.green