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Mark’s vision is to influence 500,000 veterans and be a messenger of hope to build resiliency in transitions. 

Author, speaker and vetrepreneur Mark E. Green spent 34 years in the U.S. Army working his way up from buck private to lieutenant colonel, who served two stints as inspector general, including one during which he was responsible for the southern half of Afghanistan. Part of the inaugural team that got taekwondo recognized as an official Army sport while serving in the 82nd Airborne, Green recently achieved his 3rd degree black belt after having to learn to walk again from an injury during his deployment. Green, who got his master’s degree in business and his law degree while in the service, has dedicated the remainder of his life to helping his fellow veterans and their families obtain remarkable resilience and experience triumphant transition. He’s the author of STEP OUT, STEP UP: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service and WARRIOR’S CODE 001: 7 Steps to Remarkable Resilience, which focuses on the mind, body and spirit and was developed based on his experiences. WARRIOR’S CODE 001 also includes the stories of several other veterans from different branches and different eras. The Mindset Vet’s Resiliency with a Kick curriculum featuring the 7 Steps to Remarkable Resilience will be the centerpiece of workshops and training he is currently building. Green and his wife Denise and their son Adam in Orlando, Florida, where Green has established his company My Silver Boots, LLC.

His purpose in sharing his story in Step Out, Step Up: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Transition and Military Service is to encourage others to have hope and recognize that no matter where you come from, you can achieve your dreams. In Warrior’s Code 001, he shares his secrets to developing a mindset that boosts resiliency and smooths transitions. He developed these strategies from his own experiences with his family, hard-earned lessons, and education, and is developing a curriculum around them.

To book Mark today for speaking or a workshop, contact him at stepoutstepup7@gmail.com or fill out the contact form on this website on the contact tab. 

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