Are you in Danger of Missing Communication



Are You In Danger Of Missing It

Ever listen to yourself talk yourself out of doing something? Our self-defeating self-talk is a constant voice in our heads. It is like a friend who does not believe in your dreams. It has no interest in you moving into a fearful situation to overcome an obstacle. It wants you to fail.


We tend to start looking at reasons something will not work instead of putting energy into how it will. We use the lack of money, the lack of education, the lack of support and all kinds of other excuses. Yet there are those who have those same issues and they still succeed. Why is it we always find ourselves giving up. We know what we want yet we stop short. We start out of the blocks with motivation and passion and within a few months, it starts to go away and we give up. We always find a reason.

There are a few things you can do to change this.

1. Vision your goal every day and see yourself achieving it already. Use your subconscious mind to create the reality before it becomes true.

2. Take 100% responsibility for your current situation and get rid of excuses and blaming others for it not coming true.

3. Set exact timing to when it will be done by and do something every day that leads you to it becoming true.

Do not think you''''re alone. Think of the millions of people who express a new years resolution only to a few short weeks after abandon it because it becomes hard. Think of the people who are peer pressured into things that they have not fully committed to who waste their money and then sit upset with themselves because someone sold them a hollow dream. It happens every day. If you want more, do more. If you want to be successful, do what successful people do. If you want to reach a certain goal, don''''t give up at the first sign of failure. Overcome the obstacle by going around, over, under or through it.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. If it was instant, it would not carry the weight of completing it. If everyone could have it, they would. The one simple truth is that most are not willing to work to get it. They want it handed to them or think they can just pay for it and it happens. The only person who can really make it happen is you. Yes, you can ask for help. Yes, you can get subject matter experts to create for you but in the end, you have to have a passion that cannot be put out.

I not only believe what I wrote here, I live it. I not only share these principles, they work. Begin with yourself. Do not be afraid to invest in yourself. We will go out and buy a 30K car but will not spend money on things that could change our lives forever. So, quit allowing your self talk to be in control. Knowledge replaces fear. Take action and when you get one thing done, the road ahead will bring you to what is next. What you tell yourself is what you become. If you tell yourself every day for a year that you rock, you will!

To Your Success. Mark
Mark Green

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