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Warrior/Athlete Mark Green shares his inspiring story in his new book Step Out, Step Up: Lessons from a lifetime of transitions and military service.

Along with the many hard-won lessons Mark's learned through 34 years of military service and the many transitions he and his family have experienced along the way.

Despite being told repeatedly that he’d never amount to anything, Mark became a champion taekwondo athlete on the inaugural team.

That got the team officially recognized by the military, was assigned to the 82nd Airborne.

Mark was named “Soldier of the Year” for his battalion, became an officer, served as an Inspector General in Afghanistan and stateside, and earned a law degree. You will connect and learn from the stories and find hope and inspiration again! 

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Warrior's CODE 001 (2)

Warrior's CODE 001: 7 Vital Steps to Resiliency,  Transitioning from military life to civilian life and other transitions in life can be daunting. Warrior’s Code 001 was developed by Mindset Vet and Resiliency Coach Mark Green as a “how-to” road map that will provide YOU—like millions of others—with the vital steps necessary to shift from the battle mindset to one that will serve YOU at home and in the workplace for the rest of your life.
STEP 1: REST to Be Your Best; STEP 2: RECONNECT with Yourself and Others; STEP 3: RESET Your Mind; STEP 4: REMOVE Negativity; STEP 5: RESOLVE Issues; STEP 6: RECON to Map Out Your Future; STEP 7: REENGAGE and Get On with It!       


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 In December of 2018, Mark Green was featured in a new International Best Selling book  titled "I am Still Here". This book features 14 authors who have went through difficult times but never quit. Endorsed by a Billionaire Brian Smith.

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